Osteopathy and Work Strain

Injuries at work account for the thousands of working days a year lost in Australia. Osteopathy can successfully treat many of the common problems resulting from work strain.
Debilitating conditions due to injury at work can result in disorders of the muscles, tendons and joints, particularly in the back, neck, hands and arms. Symptoms may vary from mild aches to severe pain, headaches and disability. Also working to tight deadlines, few breaks and high levels of stress may result in postural changes and painful muscular tension.

There are many reasons an injury at work may occur. If you are in a job that requires a lot of manual handling and lifting you may be prone to muscle and tendon injuries, ‘slipped disc’ and sciatica.
If you have a desk or particularly sedentary job that requires repetitive type movements you may be prone to injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and RSI. Also posture may be dramatically affected leading to back, neck and shoulder pain, pins and needles and headaches. Long distance driving and commuting may have similar effects.
Osteopaths are skilled in recognising the variety of effects work strain may have and are able to successfully treat many of the resulting conditions. Alongside treatment, they can also offer helpful advice on seating, work stations and back care at work.

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