Osteopathy and The Elderly

‘It’s just your age!’ Does this sound familiar? Osteopaths take a different view! Yes, age does play a part in the wear and tear process, but it doesn’t mean that nothing can be done about it. Nobody can reverse the effects of age, but osteopaths can help by improving movement, easing stiffness and loosening muscles, all helping the body in its ability to compensate for the changes.

When the spine stars to deteriorate and the posture becomes bent forward it places huge strain on the back and neck joints and muscles. Treatment can help improve posture by using gentle stretching and soft tissue techniques thereby relieving the strain through the joints.

In many patients, arthritis is the cause of joint swelling, pain and stiffness and it can be helped by osteopathic treatment.

Treatment is gentle and completely non-invasive. Osteopaths guide the stiff joint through its range of movement, gently stretching and easing away stiffness. Associated tissues may also require treatment to ensure that they are functioning well in order to compensate for the damaged joint(s).

In chronic cases it may not be the actual arthritic joint(s) that causes most of the pain. The body often naturally tries to protect the joint by supporting it with muscle spasm, which may be the source of the aches and pains. Soft tissue and stretching techniques can reduce this excessive muscle tension, ease the pain and improve movement.

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