Osteopathy and Sport

Sport is a great way to keep fit and strive in life. The demand on the body wether you are a dedicated athlete or just a keen amateur could lead to injury.

Osteopathy can help with a lot of different sport injuries including,

  1. knee, leg and ankle injuries
  2. hip and pelvic injuries
  3. shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries
  4. neck and back strains

Reduced joint or muscle flexibility will affect your performance and may result in injury. Signs, such as persistence of pain or muscle stiffness after sport activities, difficulties to recover from training, are an expression of the body that he is compensating. This is a good time to book for an osteopathic treatment in order to avoid further symptoms and prevent injuries.

Osteopathic treatment involves safe, gentle and effective manual techniques, including soft tissue stretching, mobilisation and manipulation. These techniques assist in in improving elasticity, strength, endurance, mobility and performance.

Sport and children

Children need to grow with optimal mobility, strength and balance. Sport and exercise can place exceptional demands on their body. An osteopath who is fully aware of the needs of young growing bodies should care for children involved in sport activities.

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