Blood Type Food

Blood Type Food

The Blood Type Diet has been developed by Dr Peter D’Adamo, an acknowledged expert in Naturopathy medicine and best selling author of the book “eat right 4 your blood type”.

The Blood Type Diet is based on the principle that not all foods are good for all people.  Whether or not a food is good for you may depend on your blood type and subsequent genetic heritage.

The Blood Type Diet is quite effective at improving many aspects of overall health, as measured by the large number of individuals who have reported their results.

You will notice that depending on your blood type, it is recommended that you avoid or include certain foods to your diet; these are listed as being either ‘avoid’ or ‘beneficial’ foods.  Quite simply ‘avoid foods’ act as a poison and ‘beneficial foods’ act as a medicine.  Foods not on the list are ‘neutral’ and neither harmful or beneficial (can be eaten).

If you are unsure of your blood type, we can perform a simple on the spot test to find out.

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